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Silver Office

Personnel, who are secretaries, lawyers, and paralegals, that works with us are professionals in their respective fields and have years of experience as well. Together with knowing the local language, they are fully acknowledged in their jurisdiction (be it laws, customs, and culture), have a good relationship with the city government in the countries we are functional. Therefore, we know changes as soon as they happen and implement those changes in the work whenever needed. We can provide you a flat fee and single currency invoicing whenever you need it while we obey all local and international tax regulations.

Company in Netherlands

Choosing a business legal form in Netherlands

It is necessary to get a legal construct in the Netherlands if you are about to begin a business. It is forbidden to function and be a businessperson unless you have a business structure. When you choose a legal construct, it is vital to consider…

Setup Dutch BV (limited liability company)

Private limited company (BV - besloten vennootschap), registration requires a minimum share capital of 1 €. The advantage of getting BV is that as an individual entrepreneur, you will not be responsible for debts while your BV will be responsible for…

Setup Dutch NV (Public Limited Company)

in Dutch a naamloze venootschap (NV)

NV and BV have some distinctions. NV distributes registered shares, also bearer shares that can be openly exchanged on the stock exchange (issued in bearer form), while a BV can only issue registered shares transferable by a civil-law notary.

VOF (General Partnership)

There is also a general partnership available. It includes more than two or more partners under the same name and who have the same economic goals; the liability is on the debts of the firm. Partners distribute the profits among them, and presenting…

Setup Limited partnership (CV)

In the case where you prefer to build 'general partnership' (VOF) and at the same time, you lack finance, the best legislative framework for you is a 'limited partnership'. It is known as a “commanditaire vennootschap” (CV) in…

Company Branch (Subsidiary)

The only corporate body that is not recognized by the Dutch comparative company law is an individual enterprise. The only requirement for a foreign company to run operations in the Netherlands is to be listed in Dutch Commercial Register, which…


Whenever you aim to accomplish a goal with people who share your thoughts, like to improve a shopping street, to participate in a sport, or to make music, one of the choices is to get a legal entity in the form of an association


If you're looking to support a given social or not-for-profit cause, e.g. nature conservation, cultural heritage or a charity, one option may be to create a legal entity in the form of a 'foundation', or in Dutch a "stichting".

Company in Switzerland

Choosing a business legal form in Switzerland

Selection of the company’s legal standing will impact a lot of future situations. Therefore, the utmost important thing is to assess the ups and downs of all possible legal forms.

Swiss GMBH (Private Limited Liability Company)

There is a Swiss GMBH (Private Limited Liability Company) available. It is a Swiss business type where social obligations are guaranteed by cultural patrimony. The only responsibility of the associates is their contribution.

Swiss AG (Public limited company)

Those who are considering to register a Swiss company for more significant business structure, contrary to small and medium-sized businesses, may favor a limited liability company since business people prefer it. AG’s structure has similarities to a…

Company in Luxembourg

Choosing a business legal form in Luxembourg

The aim of setting up a business venture is to generate a profit. All the available various business ventures fall under two classes: Capital companies and Partnerships

Setup S.A. (Public limited liability company)

In Luxembourg, the most preferred legal standing is the public limited company, known as SA. That is because it has many benefits, like restricted obligations and controlled access to financial assets.

Setup S.A.R.L. (Private limited liability company)

The characteristics of the limited liability company are that it portrays both capital company as well as partnership.

Setup S.e.N.C. (General partnership)

A partnership, aka SENC, is a commercial company that distinguishes by having limitless joint together with some liabilities of the companions for the status of the company.

Setup S.e.C.S. (Limited partnership)

A limited partnership, aka SECS, is a commercial company. Minimum of 2 partners is an obligation, one being a general partner while the other is a limited partner. Their responsibility degrees vary.

Setup S.e.C.A. (Partnership limited by shares)

A commercial company has partnerships limited by shares, either SECA or SCA. It has features of both a SECS and a SA.

Company in Lithuania

Choosing a business legal form in Lithuania

Building a business in Lithuania requires compliance with domestic laws. It is known as Commercial Code. The very first thing you must do is to select the type that is the most appropriate for you among available ones.

Setup Private stock company (UAB)

The most preferred form of a corporate body in Lithuania is a private limited company, which known as UAB there. This type of corporate body acts as limited liability, that is the responsibility of the company to the creditors is limited to the…

Setup Public stock company (AB)

More significant enterprises prefer public limited company, aka A.B. The reasons for this are the demand for significant resources for the development of share capital and having an organizational form that is more complex.