Nominee Service

Assignment to the position of administration of company (director, president, secretary), or as a shareholder, nominee persons, both physical and legal, connecting processor ship and the ruling appliance is defined as nominee service.

Nominee shareholder holds the nominee shares that are to be recorded in its/his name for the benefit of proprietor under profit within a warranted alliance.

Nominal performer of the company who acts according to the verbal and non-verbal maxims of the proprietor under profit is known as Nominee Director. By signing the paper (letter of the guaranty) with the proprietor under profit, Nominee Director guarantees himself/herself for the government pretensions, credit claims, etc.

Being predominant for a lasting period, the establishment of nominee directors and shareholder expanded the influences to such countries as Great Britain, Ireland, Cyprus. No mandatory options are laid down for a nominee director or a shareholder to come from the same inhabitation, which is to say, that it is possible for a person to be appointed to the position of director of Panamanian company while originally coming from the Republic of Cyprus.

It is common for Russian customers to make an appeal to the nominee service asking not to relate their names with any foreign countries. The reasons are as follow:

The entries of directors (and often share entries) of countries like the UK and Hong Kong are open, which means that the information is available to any person under inquiry. The prevalence of their names and sometimes of their address is not tolerable for persons by their companies.

In agreement with the regulation of some countries (e.g., Ireland and Singapore) it is required that the directors of companies be the citizens, but in other countries (e.g., Hong Kong) such companies are restricted to having secretaries from inside the region.

To avert the seaward company treaties undersigned by one and the same individual on either side, it is favorable to set the Russian correlate documentarily apart from the extraneous company.

The following credentials are required to carry out the nominee shareholder and director alliance:

General Power/endowment of Attorney (legislated by apostille) issued by the authority of nominee director comprises the outline of cessation of this power/endowment of attorney (often within a year) and conditions that this endowment is of no validity to be terminated within a given time. It is suggested that no date should be provided on the registered paper of repeal issued by nominee directors so that it will be possible to relinquish the nominee, even retrospectively.

The Declaration of Trust, which is provided by the nominee shareholders of the company, warrants the nominee shareholder as a sole tutor for the benefit of proprietor under profit and is designated neither to carry out the task of pledges (purchase, sale, etc.) nor to partake in the employment of the company (voting at the meeting of shareholders) without having a reported precept of the customer.

In common, the most important ownership of the enterprise is a bank account. All banks cooperate (accept payment orders) with certain sides, who put on an own sign personally the identity card for creating accounts and bank signature cards and authenticated personality with a legal document. As a result, the client of the bank, who accredited to the regulation of account, is the one who created the account personally. The owner of the account is the first to be called in any contention occasion.