Virtual Office & Secretarial Services

The “All-in-One” virtual office assistance proposed by Silver Office is a series of secretarial duties with the help of experienced staff to contribute to the customer’s business work.

Due to the stable existence of this organization, clients can easily use their time knowing that the stable work of the office is assured even in the situations where the client has a journey.

  • The first-rate assistance joins the benefits of the virtual office with secretarial support:
  • To assign a devoted local phone number
  • Multilingual personnel to reply calls under the name of the company presented, taking down messages to inform customers via email by the guidance provided.
  • Calls are directly forwarded to the national and international landline or mobile numbers
  • Official domiciliation, with the correspondence administration, parcels and signed mail
  • A fax number with the ability to forward using email.
  • Our personnel take company correspondence every day and manage phone calls, assuring punctual replying.
  • An additional worth is a function to use to the Silver Office meeting rooms on the application for company or business appointments, with extra secretarial help given by Our Team.
  • The virtual office service corresponds with the “turn-key” conception.

This is, for example, an efficient function for companies in the initial phase of work or for creating the image of a newly founded organization, facilitating soon operation and optimizing resources and duration while decreasing administration costs: a real office without the expense of a traditional site.

This service is also intended to newly founded companies, start-ups, small businesses, and freelancers.

Companies placed in the virtual office may also profit from our telephone answering and domiciliation services to guarantee the constant, efficient office management as well as devoted secretary that is not directly employed by you.