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Silver Office

Our Services

Silver Office offer various services for businesses and enterprises in the areas of bookkeeping, financial administration, reporting, tax and business legal advisory matters, as well as company formation, corporate administration and trust services. We also offer the possibility of setting up virtual offices and obtaining work permits for employees.

What we are offering for our clients

Legal Services in Europe

Silver Office offers proficient counselors that provide advice and litigation's to global enterprises as well as to individuals. Our commitment is to provide our customers the best service together with affordable pricing.

Tax Advice in Europe

Whenever you seek for a Tax Company that offers appropriate tax consultation, Silver Office proposes you a group of tax professionals that have been servicing companies for a long time on different projects whose scope range from small to large ones.

Accounting & Audit in Europe

With our extensive local as well as international bookkeeping subcontracting packages, we can provide support, advice, or total replacement of the operations executed by an interior the finance department.

International Trading Advice

We will provide a FREE conference with one of our experts to aid YOU to determine advancements crucial to the growing profit of your international business. Our work will be in a cooperative way so that we have good knowledge of your business.

Nominee services in Europe

Nominee service is a go-between proprietary and management tool, meaning the appointment to official positions in the company (director, president, secretary), or as a shareholder, nominee persons, both physical and legal.

Virtual Office & Secretarial Services in Europe

As our team is present continuously, the client can operate their time effectively knowing that the uninterrupted process of the office is ensured, even if the customer is traveling.

Let Us know, How can We be of service?

Silver Office experts offer the best solutions to make all business issues as simple, quick and easy as possible for all our clients. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information

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