Choosing a legal form in Netherlands

Selecting a legal form whenever you want to establish a business is mandatory in the Netherlands. It is barred to run a business unless you have a legal form. It is crucial to consider several factors to choose the required option. To find the best suitable window of opportunity, you may refer to the following statements. By selecting or deselecting the statements, you will be able to obtain information on various situations you may encounter. Reading all the info from there will aid you in choosing the best option for you.

Our goal is to convert all these complicated and tedious procedure to an easy one! The full-service we provide reduces the time you spend excruciating over forms as well as the need for research. Compliance Specialists in our department gather your data and prepare every application for your application to get approval. Your only task is to check and sign the documents prepared by Compliance Specialists. You do not have to worry about the remaining factors!

A quick comparison about the main differences between legal forms

Statistics: businesses by legal form in Netherlands