Accounting & Audit

Activities performed by an internal finance department can be supported, guided, or replaced with the help of our thorough domestic and international accounting outsourcing packages.

A company’s financial status is considered (estimated) on the given information from the booked deals (transactions) provided by the accounting department. Later this information is used to make status and management reports for solid financial decisions. Therefore it is important that all accounting transactions are accorded properly. To avoid the risk of the negative image of your company at a local or international level, it is essential that bookkeeping is precise, and all accounting administration activities are done clearly.


Customer invoices are issued, distributed and booked

Collecting of cash: accumulation of debt involving composition and distribution (dispensation) of dunning letters

Registering stock actions

A general collection of financial recordings: expenditures on small items, travel expenses, payroll costs (salary payments), credits, investments, equity actions, etc.

Registering of constant valuables, ledger recordings

Trade creditors postings

Posting of bank actions and clearing register preparation

Accumulations (savings), delay of expenses, accounting of supplies and posting of reviews of foreign exchange rates

Standard account reports per month: actions in general accounting book, monthly registers, the composition of trial balance.

Accounting Administration

Standard dealings with the third individuals (bodies)

Assistance in composing the list (index) of assets (resources)

Registering of scanned documents and online archive (history).

Assistance during audits and inspections

Representations during investigations by authorities and tax management

Help and support during investigations of VAT

Help during internal (interior) inspection periods

Accounting consultancy

Advice in intercompany affairs

Reconcilement of GL accounts and one of quick clean-up of services

Help with the yearly stock-tracking actions

Advisory in statue and management report

Tax advisory

Bank account administration

Creating a bank account on your company’s benefit

Developing access rights, dealing with bank representatives for support purposes

Accounting payments services

Payments will be undertaken according to mutual authorization rights

Compiling the files of payment and fulfillment of payments